About Me

I work full time in the world of music and audio. From live music, discos and weddings to music production, composing, mixing & mastering to podcast editing, sound recording and voiceovers. I am highly versatile in a wide range of music and audio fields.

I’ve had a passion for music and sound since as long as I can remember. I grew up with a piano in the house and by my teen years I had taken up bass, acoustic and electric guitar. At school I started up a band with friends and by the time I got to college I got the bug for gigging and performing live. Around this same time I began to explore music production too and studied it at college.

At university I formed a band, we won a University Battle Of The Bands competition and performed alongside some famous bands and acts in the following years.

In recent years I have thrown myself full time into a music career. Having trained myself up as a DJ I now offer live music and discos for a wide range of events – weddings, birthday parties, club gigs and corporate events.

I have also set up my own home studio and because of COVID-19 I have moved more into the field of music and audio production. In the first 2020 lockdown I collaborated with musicians from around the UK to record a few songs under the title ‘The Quarantine Collective’ and received national media coverage. I have also released two albums, one of which is fully available for streaming online.

When things are a bit quieter, I love to do some busking and try to bring a smile to people’s faces as they go about their shopping!

I got the bug for music as a kid and it’s never left me – if anything it’s grown stronger. I hope to pass on my love of music to my two children. Thanks for reading!