Production FAQs

How much do you charge?

Every music or audio production job is completely different so I cannot give an upfront quote. My jobs can vary from several hours to several months. So please contact me at to discuss your project. Also, check out my Prices page (click here) for more information about payment plans and payment methods.

Can I receive updates on how the music / audio is coming together?

Definitely. This is really important for me too, to ensure that the music or audio is moving in direction you want it to. There’s nothing worse than delivering a project which sounds nothing like what was expected, so it’s far better that I give you regular updates so you can have the final say on the direction. I will create a shared folder on Google Drive and share MP3s whenever I’ve made changes or additions to your project so you can monitor the progress.

How long will it take you to edit, mix and master my podcast?

Every podcast is different because of a wide range of factors: number of guests, microphone and audio quality, amount of editing needed to tidy up the dialogue and of course the length of the recording. Therefore, it is hard to say exactly how long it’ll take. Generally though, a 30 minute podcast with two guests and intro / outro music can take anything between 45 minutes and 2 hours to edit.

Will the final product sound professional?

Yes, I am a professional mastering engineer, so everything will be mixed and mastered to industry standards meaning that it will sound as full, dynamic and loud as anything you’ll hear on the radio. Check out my mixing and mastering page (click here) for more information of the techniques I will use to produce a professional master of your music.

What if I’m not happy with the end product?

The chances of this happening are very slim because I will send you regular updates (usually as MP3s) and invite you to comment on the progress / direction of the music. Nonetheless, I offer unlimited revisions so that the music is only finished when you say it is. From experience, communication is key and often is it far better to discuss changes you’d like over the phone rather than by email or text so that nothing gets ‘lost in translation’.

How will I be kept up-to-date with the progress?

I will set up a shared Google Drive folder where you can access all updates. This will also allow you to upload demos, lyrics and your own notes.

The songs I want you to produce are in my head, but I’m struggling to explain how I want them to sound.

This can seem difficult especially if you don’t play an instrument but we have a few options:

  • You can send links to reference tracks – songs that you want your song to sound or feel like.
  • You can send a voice message via email or WhatsApp of yourself singing or playing the music – you don’t need to feel shy or embarrassed if you’re self conscious about singing into your phone – I’m used to receiving ideas / music / melodies this way!
  • We can arrange a video call or voice call song writing session so we can flesh out the music together.

Can I come to your studio to record vocals / music?

Yes, absolutely. My home studio is acoustically treated and set up for recording any instrument with the exception of drums. If you’re able to record drums elsewhere, I will then import the stems into the project.

Are you able to travel to me for recording?

Definitely. I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK provided travel costs are covered. I am able to record up to 6 channels directly and have a 12 channel mixing desk.

What equipment do you use?

My DAW is Cubase Pro and I use a custom made PC which is specifically manufactured for music production. Please see my equipment page for my full equipment inventory.

Are you able to improve the audio quality of my recording?

Absolutely. I can remove noise, hum, distortion etc from audio and extract components from an audio file using professional AI software. I use a wide range of techniques and professional equipment, including a spectral editor.