Prices & Bookings


For weddings I offer 7 different packages with set prices – see below. However, for other events – birthday parties, corporate events, pub or club gigs – my prices may vary because every event has different requirements. So I can only give a price range rather than an accurate quote until I know the following:

  • Date of event (I offer lower prices for Monday-Thursday gigs)
  • Location
  • My start and end time
  • What music you’re after (e.g. live music only, live music & disco, disco only etc)

My price ranges are as follows:

Discos: £300-£600

Singing guitarist or singing pianist: £250-£550

Pianist (instrumentals): £150-£300

Live music & disco: £400-£700

Please do get in touch to get an accurate quote by emailing me at

Wedding Packages: please click here for full details of my 7 wedding packages

Evening Packages from:

Disco only: £475

Disco & live music: £650

Live music only: £350

*10% off from Monday to Thursday

The Ultimate Packages:

Whole day booking: £900

*10% off from Monday to Thursday

Making a booking

To make a booking, I will send over an invoice with my payment details and I request a 10% deposit upfront to secure the date. I then require the full payment at least 2 weeks prior to the event. I will also send over my cancellation policy for you to read before sending the deposit.