Songwriting & Composing


I am a songwriter and have been writing music since I was about 10 years old, although the quality has vastly improved since my first songs! I have written hundreds of songs and have released some music recently, please click here to see my releases or visit my ‘listen and watch page’ to hear samples of my recordings, most of which are original songs that I’ve written.

I have worked with clients all over the world to write songs for them or to help them develop their own songs. I can meet you wherever you are in the songwriting process. Below is an non-exclusive example of the different services I can provide:

  • lyric writing
  • song writing
  • turning lyrics or a poem into a song
  • developing a song from an original idea, theme or melody
  • helping an individual improve their own song by working on their chord structure, melody or dynamics

I can write songs in any genre. As you will hear from the samples on my ‘listen and watch’ page, I have written and composed music in a wide range of genres including rock, pop, indie, folk, dance, house, electronica, trip hop, trap, drum ‘n’ bass. Basically – any genre you’re after!

I will deliver the song(s) however you wish e.g. a demo with vocals on guitar or piano or a professionally recorded song with full instrumentation. I can also provide a score for the music so that you have it transcribed for future use.


As a professional music producer, I can compose music in any style or create arrangements with new or pre-existing tracks. I will take an original idea or theme and compose music around the brief provided using an unlimited range of sounds and sound libraries.

I can either work with your reference tracks or use my judgement based on my extensive knowledge of a diverse range of musical styles to create the composition that best suits your music and style.

Personally, I find the composition part of music production one of the most enjoyable and rewarding. It’s the stage which really brings a piece of music or song to life. I take inspiration from greats like George Martin, ‘the 5th Beatle’, whose compositions added a whole new dimension to Lennon and MacCartney’s songs.

You will hear from my showreels (click here) that I am able to compose in many different styles. That may include adding an authentic string or brass section or creating multilayered guitar parts or using a range of synths to create a particular feel or soundscape. Whatever it is you need – I can compose it for you to help take your music to the next level.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to make an enquiry here or at