Mixing & Mastering

I am a professional mixing engineer and mastering engineer. I can guarantee professional radio-ready music and audio, in line with industry standards which is mastered to the desired format and platform specification. Please click here to have a listen to my previous work so you can hear the quality of my work. You can also hear music that I’ve released on all major streaming platforms, click here or visit my ‘releases’ page.

Mixing and mastering can be a neglected art. Artists and bands may focus all their energies on the songwriting and recording of their music but if a song is not professionally mixed or mastered the final recording can sound ‘flat’ and amateurish compared with commercial releases. Artists can focus too much on their day out in the studio without giving much thought to the dedicating and precision needed to mix and master a song once it’s been recorded. Bad mixing and mastering can make a good song sound poor and equally good mixing and mastering can make an average song sound great. Mixing and mastering are two distinct processes that require a high level of skill and years of experience to get right, and it’s the key ingredient for excellent sounding music.

I will work with your stems (mixing) or stereo audio files (mastering) in close collaboration with you, so you can hear how the song / music is developing and be able to lead the creative process. Rather than simply delivering the music when I consider it finished, I will send regular updates so you can hear how the mixing and/or mastering is progressing and have your say on how you’d like it to evolve. I work with any style or genre of music and will ask you for reference tracks (songs that you want yours to sound like or that you were influenced by) to help me get the perfect mix and/or master for your song. No song is complete until you tell me it is and I offer unlimited revisions.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services I provide for both mixing and mastering (in no particular order):

EQs & multiband EQs
Multiband envelop shapers
EQ filters
Compression & Multiband compression
Side chaining
Quantization (for audio and MIDI)
Audio warp
Pitch correction & quantization
Gating, noise reduction and audio file restoration processes
Auto tune
Auto harmony
Vast array of modulation plug-ins: phaser, cloner, flanger etc
Frequency spectrum analysis
Mid-side processing
Stereo channel compression
Multiband compression
Dynamic EQ
Stereo widening
Loudness metering & matching
Limiting & maximising
Brickwall limiting
Export finished track to desired format (wav, aiff, flac, MP3 etc), sample rate and bit rate

If you’d like more information or to place an order please do get in touch here or email me at martinjohnmusic@gmail.com. Also, please check out my FAQs for music and audio production.