Can you perform outdoors?

Yes. But if it’s raining or if there is any chance of rain, I will need to be undercover as I need to ensure that my equipment will stay dry for obvious reasons. I have my own groundsheet that I can bring but will need you to provide a gazebo, marquee or have a contingency plan if there is any likelihood of rain.

How long can you sing for at our event?

I can sing for up to 3 hours at an event. I can split it into however many sets you’d like, but after 3 hours in one day it’ll need a rest!

What equipment do you need me to provide?

All I need from you is access to a plug socket within 30 meters from where I am setting up, everything else I will provide. However, for smaller events I have a battery powered amplifier so I won’t need any mains power.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, have public liability insurance which covers up to £1,000,000. I can provide the insurance certificate for venues if requested.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes, I can provide the certificate if venues request it.

How long do you need to set up? And how long to pack away?

It depends on what the job is, but as a general rule I need about 1 hour 30 to 2 hours to set up for disco and live music and between 30 minutes to 1 hour to set up for live music only. For weddings, I aim to arrive between 2 to 3 hours before I start.

For packing away again it depends on the job, for discos it’s usually between 45 minutes to an hour, less time if it’s just live music.

My friend would like to sing a few songs whilst you play guitar, is that OK?

Definitely! There’s nothing better than having your friends centre stage for your event, so yes – get them up!

Are you able to learn specific songs for our event?

Definitely. I’m happy to learn up to 2 new songs within the price. Learning new songs and getting them right takes time. Please check my repertoire first as I know nearly 200 songs and then please let me know asap which songs you’d like me to learn.

Do you take requests when you’re playing live?

Definitely, unless you’d rather I stuck to a set / playlist. Personally, I really enjoy taking requests as it helps make the event spontaneous and interactive.

Would you like us to reserve a parking space for you?

Yes, this is essential. I may have a lot of equipment and will need to make several trips back to the car so the closer the parking space to where I’m performing the better.

How do we make a booking?

Email me at martinjohnmusic@gmail.com or contact me here and let me know the date, venue, estimated number of guests and what service you’d like and I’ll get back to you with my availability and a quote. If you’re happy to proceed I’ll send over an invoice. I require 10% paid upfront to secure the booking and then the remaining amount paid one month before the event.

What if I need to cancel or change the date?

I have a cancellation policy which I will send over with my invoice. If you need to cancel the booking – for whatever reason – I offer 100% refund for a month after the deposit is paid, and then refund everything apart from the deposit up to one month before the event and then the refund is tiered based on how close to the date it occurs, all the information is in the cancellation policy. If you need to change the date, I will hopefully be able to accommodate it, if not I will refund all monies already paid (if it’s more than 4 weeks away) minus the deposit.

What if you cancel?

I have an excellent track record and very rarely have had to cancel a booking. But unforeseen events do happen e.g. illness or emergencies. If I need to cancel I will refund all monies paid including the deposit and will also endeavour to find a like-for-like replacement, if requested. In the rare times I have had to cancel I have always been able to find suitable replacements who offer a similar service.

Do you perform with other musicians too?

Yes! If you’d like a duo, trio or full band I can put a band together with other excellent musicians and singers who have lots of experience of playing at parties, weddings or other private functions.

How much do you charge?

There are a few factors that I have to consider before I can give a quote such as a) what services you’d like (e.g. live music or disco or both) b) distance to travel c) day of week and time of year d) what equipment I need to bring e) third party hires. So please email me at martinjohnmusic@gmail.com to get a personalised quote or contact me here.

How far will you travel?

I am based in Cambridgeshire but travel anywhere in the UK. Depending on my finish time and distance from home, I may need to include an overnight stay in the invoice (I’ll try and find something around £40 to £60), this is usually when the travel time is more than 2 hours from home and I’m leaving the venue in the early hours.

How much space will you need?

As a minimum 2 meters by 3 meters will be enough for my DJ booth and live equipment, but the more space the better.

Would you like food and drink?

If possible that’d be great! I won’t want any alcoholic drinks as alcohol isn’t great for singing (well, not for me anyway!) and also I’ll driving afterwards.

We’d like to see you performing live before we book you, where can we see you perform?

Of course, drop me and email and I’ll let you know where I have some upcoming public live gigs.

Do you accept cash on the night?

I can take cash on the night, but I prefer payment to be settled two weeks before the event so that I don’t have to chase payments at the event. If bank transfer in advance is not possible, then cash on night is OK.

For discos, do you provide dancefloors and big letter lights (e.g. ‘LOVE’)?

I don’t provide these however I am more than willing to hire these for you and coordinate their drop off and pick up for an additional fee, making it one less thing you’ll need to think about!

Does your lighting rig contain strobe lighting?

Yes. Please click here to see the full details of my lighting rig. If you would rather I didn’t use the strobe lights then just let me know and I’ll disconnect them for your event.