Audio Restoration

I am able to perform audio restoration and audio manipulation using cutting edge technology. As well as using more ‘traditional’ techniques (EQ and gating) I own a range of professional audio restoration plug-ins from Izotope and Waves. I also own Spectralayers Pro (Steinberg) which is a spectral audio editor and can perform granular and visual audio restoration and manipulation which can be done either manually or by using artificial intelligence. The kind of work I carry out is:

  • removing background noise (e.g. wind or chatter)
  • removing microphone hiss
  • separating vocals from it’s backing track
  • reducing guitar fret noise
  • removing reverb or echo from dialogue or singing
  • removing distortion or clipping from a recording
  • removing unwanted noises (e.g. phone bleep or dog barking in the backinground) from the audio

Please see my portfolio page (click here) for examples of audio restoration that I have carried out previously. Please do get in touch if you’d like more information or to hire me to carry out audio restoration for your project. I am happy to provide a free 20 second sample first.