Podcasts & Audiobooks

As a professional audio editor, I can edit and produce your podcast episodes or your audiobook. Every streaming platform as different format requirements and I will ensure that your product is mastered to the correct format, sample rate, bit rate, RMS and peak loudness. For example, mastering to the ACX audiobook requirements.

Below is a common range of services that I provide for podcast and audiobook editing:


– removing undesirable noises such as ‘umms’, ‘errs’, sharp breath intakes, chair creaks etc
– increasing the ‘pace’ of the audio’ by removing unnecessary silences and pauses
– audio restoration: removing background noise, hiss or hum
– ‘gating’ the voice to cut out room reflections / echos
– moving clips around, if necessary

– mixing together multiple audio files into one cohesive track
– mixing in music and sound clips
– sourcing additional sound effects and music clips, if required
– Using EQ to balance the audio files and remove unnecessary frequencies
– Using compression to level out the audio peaks
– Using other enhancements to bring out particular frequencies (if required) such as saturation.

– Volume match the audio to industry standard levels using professional Peak & RMS meters
– Use limiter & maximiser to ensure fully level output
– Output the finished track to whatever format, sample rate & bit rate you desire

I am the long term audio editor for a few organisations so please do get in touch and I will direct you to their podcasts so you can hear the quality of the production. Also, if you’d like me to narrate or provide a voiceover for your podcast, please visit my voiceover page or click here. Finally, if you’d like to make an enquiry or if you have any other questions that aren’t answered by my FAQs (click here) then please do contact me here or email me at martinjohnmusic@gmail.com.