Sound Design

Sound design covers a wide range of creative purposes and I can create bespoke sound effects, audio and music in a wide variety of ways e.g. from samples and loops, foley, synthesisers and live sound recording. Using a wide range of professional hardware and software I am able to capture, create, recreate or engineer any sound (e.g. risers, swells, impacts, drones etc) for adverts, TV, film, podcasting, computer games, sound art, radio, theatre and any kind of audio post-production directly from my home studio.

Whether you’re looking for a short ‘signature sound’, a package of sound effects or a professional audio track for your feature length film please do get in contact or email me at to get the ball rolling. I can guarantee a fully professional service for whatever you require.

Below is a brief description of the various processes I use to create audio and sound effects:

Sound recording

Using my ergonomic Zoom H6 multitrack recorder, I can record any on-location audio and capture unique live sound that can then be used for your video or media project. Using the Zoom H6 I can record in mono, stereo or surround sound so you have fully professional industry standard audio for your project.


Using a range of homemade techniques and a creative imagination, I can create any artificial sound to accompany your video / images. I have a wide range of props that I can use and if I don’t already own it, I will usually be able to find what I need in a local charity shop! All foley will be recorded in stereo and post-production will help enhance the ambience, tone and panning required to accompany the visuals.

Samples and loops

I have access to thousands upon thousands of samples and loops that I can use for any kind of sound design, there’s a good chance that I already have access to the kind of sound you require and if not I have no doubt that it wont take me long to find it using various sample libraries that I am subscribed to. I can then warp, resample, EQ and process them in whatever way you require.


I have access to 5 software synthesisers, all of which process sound in different ways. I use my MIDI controller to customise patch sounds and fine-tune the tone and ‘feel’ of whatever sound you’d like by manipulating the oscillations, envelope filters, cut off, attack, delay, sustain etc. As a result, I can find or recreate the exact sound that you’re after. I can also sample any sounds and turn it into a unique patch.