Audio Editing

I am a professional audio editor and can produce any kind of audio to professional radio-ready quality and will deliver it in whatever format you require.

I offer a diverse range of audio editing services including:

  • audio restoration,
  • podcasts,
  • audiobooks,
  • audio for video
  • sound design and sound effects
  • live audio recording,
  • foley sounds

In addition, I also provide voiceovers and narrations and I am most adept at providing educational or tutorial style voiceovers. As a music producer too, I am able to offer both music and audio editing as one complete package.

Below is a more detailed list of the skills I provide within each service. Please contact me here or email me at and also check out the relevant pages on my website for more information.

Service Description
Audio Restoration– remove hiss, hum and background noise
– increase volume
– signal levelling and/or compression
– EQ correction
– stereo imaging
Podcasts & Audiobooks(please click here to visit my podcasts and audiobooks page)
Audio for Video– syncing audio to video
– sourcing sound effects
– sound design for video
– mixing and mastering to industry standards
Sound Design & Sound Effects– sourcing and editing sound effects
– creating ‘signature sounds’ for brands
– Sampling
– Creating unique patches using synthesisers and sampling tools
Live audio recording– On location audio recording (mono, stereo and surround sound) for whatever purpose
– Travel anywhere in the UK
– Microphones: 2 condensor mics, 1 ‘shotgun’ mic, 2 SM58s, 1 stereo XY mic
– Tripod stands and one handheld boom
– a range of recording options: 6 channel audio interface and multitrack recorder, a 12 track multitrack with two live inputs, a 12 channel mixing desk, a 4 channel audio interface recording into a laptop using Cubase SE.
Foley Sounds– authentic foley sounds for visuals / video using a wide range of techniques and materials
– processing of foley recordings to match video: panning, EQ, reverb, volume automation